Cycle shelter Sauerland

Concisely designed shelter whose feet of the posts become wider towards the bottom and emphasise the excellent stability. Several stepped rings give the head of the posts an appealing shape.


hot-dip galvanised steel, colour-coated, aluminium, laminated safety glass (VSG)

Colours all RAL‑ or DB-colours available

roofing with gable roof in steel-glass construction, steel posts with cast head and base collar, roof construction suspended between the posts, roof covering made of laminated safety glass (VSG).

Accessories benches, litter bins, gates, information systems, bicycle stands

standard size (L x W): 14,60 x 4,40 m or 7,80 x 4,40 m
standard grid: 3,15 m
clearance height: 2,50 m
roof overhang: 1,50 m


as a monopitch roof in steel and glass construction, as a pitched roof (square, hexagonal, octagonal, ...), in gable roof construction, roof covering made of titanium zinc sheet, bicycle stands as desired, side walls made of Thieme Sekurazaun, double bar mesh with Thieme posts, gates

Service individual object planning and advice with customisation to your desired size, complete, incl. installation by our company
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