Beluga bench: street furniture in top design form

Not only promenades along rivers and lakes become a living space of a selectly stylish kind with the Beluga bench. The striking, wave-like shape makes the theme of water its own, and the new model series with backrest is both seating furniture and an expressive design element.

A well-known guiding principle from product design is "form follows function". It is related to the organic principles of architecture and design. Perfection in product design is achieved when form becomes an independent, representative quality without restricting functionality. Even the appearance of the Beluga bench conveys its advantages as outdoor furniture at first glance. Both the frame and the wood of the seat have dimensions that convey stability and are unimpressed by mechanical stresses. The same applies to weather influences; Thieme GmbH maintains its strict quality course in terms of materials, workmanship and surface treatment.

Inspirations from nature such as a wave set the goal of an organic design. In this way, even objects such as a supposedly mundane bench can be made to look more than just that. The Beluga bench is a design-communicative link between land and water. In all other places, such as squares, pedestrian zones, green areas, in front of buildings and even in courtyards, it enriches the ambience with its aesthetic, characterful appearance. The associations of the observer can be quite different, but the level of design would also do credit to a modern airport and any lifestyle shop.

Manifestation as street furniture and as a design object
Customisable lengths of the bench ensure optimal use of space. This means that the desired range of seats can be perfectly combined with the visual arrangement of the benches in the room. The frame of the metal bench, made of hot-dip galvanised and colour-coated steel, can be finished in all RAL and DB colours, thus increasing the degree of individualisation.

The times when public areas were equipped with purely functional street furniture are long gone. Squares, facilities and promenades are no longer at the mercy of a stylistic drabness with the municipal supplies from Thieme GmbH. Rather, a focus on street furniture that is also highly developed in design is an appreciation of the living space and the people who move and spend time in this space. For planners, therefore, this is a first-class option for fulfilling their mandate to create attractive environments in the best possible way.

Equipping the successful Beluga stool bench with a backrest is a logical extension of the Thieme GmbH range. The original impression of a wave is retained, except that its optical dynamics are extended significantly in the vertical direction by the backrest.

Bench Beluga