Maximum utility value with a decent overall appearance

The Modena SC supply cabinets as the perfect solution for markets and squares

Not everything can be foreseen, but one can be prepared for everything: The quality of life of localities, districts or neighbourhoods is reflected not least in the use of public space for regular and occasional events. Weekly markets of various kinds, flea markets, city and street festivals, themed events and other events more still attract visitors, guests and customers. Specialised street furniture such as the Modena SC supply cabinets help to provide the necessary infrastructure.

In terms of style and quality, Modena SC supply cabinets are like an English butler - they remain inconspicuous for a long time, or even in the middle of things if necessary, and full service is available immediately if required. Power and water connections can be installed individually to meet the respective requirements of the installation site. A high degree of operational safety for the installations themselves as well as for the public is provided by the fact that they can be operated even when the doors are closed.

In terms of street furniture and supply units, all other wishes are fulfilled as well
Whether you prefer a noble, inconspicuous look or a deliberate colour accent, the colour scheme can be designed according to the customer's wishes, as can the technical equipment and dimensions. The optimal design can be found depending on the individual situation, use, planning and design. Despite this wealth of variants, the outdoor furniture from Thieme GmbH does not come with the price structure of an exclusive custom-made product. The design and manufacture of the municipal supplies is basically designed to allow for the greatest possible flexibility.  With their extreme robustness, the Modena SC supply cabinets also protect themselves against the effects of weather and rough handling. A floor anchor for setting in concrete also serves as compensation for sloping or uneven terrain, if necessary, so that there are hardly any limits to the installation options.

This model series is, for example, installed in Hamburg's Hafencity, so to speak in natura in the Baakenhafen quarter. Even in this design-demanding environment between modernity, tradition and maritime flair, the cabinet, which can hardly be called a supply bollard any more, demonstrates the advantages of a successful minimalist, clear design language.

Planners can benefit from the experience and expertise of Thieme GmbH - even in the early planning stages, the specialists can advise on execution and installation and thus also help to keep within budgets.

Maximum utility value with a decent overall appearance