The bench Haltern

The little comfort zone for in between

A bench with a classic simplicity and a timber seat base provides a sense of well-being in several ways. Depending on where it is placed, passers-by can linger at leisure or find a moment of relaxation in the midst of hectic activity. With the Haltern bench, planners find a flexible, always decorative component for the inviting design of outdoor areas.

The art of developing outdoor furniture is to harmonise form and function in such a way that the necessary degree of timelessness in design and robustness against all kinds of external influences are also taken into account. A simple design is only supposedly the easier way. In order to achieve an appealing result, optimal proportions must also be achieved in detail, and the appearance of the materials used must be the result of a careful selection and examination of raw materials and processing steps. Although street furniture such as a stool bench is naturally not initially associated with terms such as dynamism or liveliness, it must nevertheless lend a pleasing ambience to its place of installation or support a corresponding design - which is achieved through its stylish invitation to take a seat.

Maximum stability with minimal use of materials as a design advantage
The timber seat base of the Haltern bench is available in the weatherproof glazed versions larch, oak or Kambala/Iroko. In any case, the natural radiance of a high-quality wood visually conveys the desired inviting comfort, whether as a park bench or in the middle of a busy pedestrian zone. With or without armrests, its light, wood-influenced appearance harmonises with all environments. Even when it is firmly anchored in the ground, it appears as if it can be spontaneously changed in place, which adds to its modern and communicative character.

The high quality of materials and workmanship that Thieme GmbH is known for guarantees its consistent suitability as outdoor furniture, which defies the effects of the weather as well as mechanical influences of human origin. These characteristics, which are very advantageous for the planning and purchase budget, make this bench the first choice. In its discreet yet clear visual manifestation, it is also perfectly suited to all situations in which one or more benches are also to serve as a demarcation to flowing traffic or as objects otherwise controlling the flow of traffic, including passers-by. With their many possible combinations of placement, they allow the realisation of exciting spatial design concepts in outdoor areas. Squares can thus take on a completely new character as living spaces and places of communication or tranquillity, depending on the current individual wishes of passers-by. With the Haltern bench with timber seat base, Thieme GmbH has a piece of street furniture in its range that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of the best possible solutions.

The bench Haltern