Special bollard Seguro

Lastrup, Elisabeth-Stift Nursing Home

At the St. Elisabeth-Stift in Lastrup, Seguro stainless steel posts ensure the safety of residents and protect them from falling with wheelchairs or walkers. The posts blend harmoniously into the overall appearance of the house. If necessary, they can be detached without tools by means of a bayonet lock and neatly stowed away on the wall bracket.

Project participants
Realisation Winter 2022/2023

8 stainless steel posts Seguro, Ø 114 mm, detachable with bayonet lock and ground socket, 900 mm above ground, length of ground socket 180 mm, total length 1,080 mm, ground socket with inner punch, polished stainless steel

Address St. Elisabeth-Straße 12, 49688 Lastrup
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