Ashtray 152

Despite their individual design, these angular standing ashtrays blend in with their surroundings and accentuate any street furniture. As a variation of the ashtray 151, the ashtray 152 discreetly draws attention to itself, encouraging smokers to not throw their cigarette ends onto the pavement or the lawn. Its slim, high shape is extraordinarily elegant. The unusual aesthetics of the standing ashtray appeals to passers-by, clients, guests and visitors. Mechanically, the ashtray is extremely sturdy; the quality of the look of its surfaces hardly deteriorates over time. The qualities of the ashtray 151 lie in its detailing and in its versatility. A flame-extinguishing model is available, greatly enhancing fire safety. It fits well into the street furniture systems Cubo and Scape, its handling is easy, numerous sizes and a range of RAL and DB colours are available.


sheet steel, hot-dip galvanised, also available in V2A stainless steel

Colours hot-dip galvanised, with colour-coating, full range of RAL or DB colours available

square ashtray as standing ashtray, with perforated bottom, with stainless steel liner, stability due to high material thickness, easy handling

Volume approx. 0.5 litres or 1.2 litres
Accessories as flame-extinguishing model, metal three-square socket wrench, suitable for system Cubo
Downloads product info (1 MB) brochure litter bins & ashtrays (14 MB)