Ashtray 220

The high capacity ashtray series 220 is ideal for designated smoking areas/smoking zones. Designed to hold large volumes of ashes and cigarette ends, it helps keeping the area tidy and encourages people to not discard cigarette butts carelessly. With its simple, elegant style it is suitable for virtually every environment.


sheet steel, hot-dip galvanised, also available in V2A-stainless steel, ground

Colours hot-dip galvanised, with colour coating, full range of RAL or DB colours available

free standing ashtray, liner hot-dip galvanised, smaller and higher capacities also available, stability due to high material thickness, easy handling

Volume approx. 35 litres
Accessories leveling base to compensate for slopes, anti-flyer colour coating, metal triangle key

wall-mounted or post-mounted versions also available

Downloads Product info (1 MB) Brochure litter bins & ashtrays (14 MB) Bill of quantities (40 KB)