Special case smoking zone: the large-capacity ashtray 220

The refuge for smokers may also be stylishly equipped. An ashtray, which actually no longer deserves the name "cup" due to its size, invites cleanliness and use of the smoking zone, which it defines by its visual effect alone.

Here is a cigarette ashtray, here I may be. Now that the areas in which smoking is still permitted have been shrinking massively for many years, smokers should be allowed to withdraw to an area reserved for them. The smoking ban itself is hardly ever signposted due to its self-evident nature. Conversely, it is more a matter of clearly designating smoking zones. This creates the conditions for peaceful coexistence for smokers and non-smokers alike.

Be it on private company premises or in the outdoor area of a public facility - for example, a bench installed somewhat off to the side with an ashtray clearly recognisable as such, such as the large-capacity ashtray 220 from Thieme GmbH next to it, already has sufficient signalling effect for the place to stay during the cigarette break. Additional signage, which is usually less decorative and invites vandalism, is therefore unnecessary.

A valuable ambience is always an invitation to cleanliness
Visually unsightly and unpleasant when cleaning outdoor areas are countless cigarette butts, which also tend to stick in all kinds of crevices. With the installation of an ashtray, the temptation to simply drop the remains and stub them out is rapidly reduced. The large-capacity ashtray is just as convenient to use as it is to empty; the stainless steel bucket inside can be easily removed. In its absolute fire resistance, it is virtually also part of the fire protection concept.

In combination with the round design, its simple exterior with a high-quality surface appears stylistically as a modern classic, which is just as discreetly self-confident in a green area as it is in a modernly designed environment. Even in a historically influenced environment, the 220 large-capacity ashtray remains an integral part of the street furniture.

With a volume of approx. 35 litres, the large-capacity ashtray lives up to its title, but depending on the customer's wishes, it is of course also available with a smaller or even larger capacity. Planners can choose between sheet steel and stainless steel and the variants floor-standing ashtray and hanging bin for pole or wall mounting.

Special case smoking zone: The large-capacity ashtray 220