Passenger shelter Bamberg


hot-dip galvanised steel, colour-coated, aluminium, laminated safety glass (VSG), toughened safety glass (ESG)

Colours all Ral- or DB-colours available

Mono-pitch roof
in steel-glass construction, steel posts with attached roof construction made of steel profiles

Gable roof
in steel-glass construction, steel posts with ground collars, roof construction suspended between the posts

Roof covering made of laminated safety glass (VSG), side glazing made of toughened safety glass (ESG) with warning tape markings, with or without bench

Accessories barrier posts, litter bins, bicycle racks, information systems, benches

Monopitch roof
standard grid: 3.00 m
pane grid rear wall: 1.50 m
clear height: 2.36 m
roof depth: 1.50 m

Gable roof
standard grid: 1.43 m
clearance height: 2.35 m
roof depth: 1.50 m
roof overhang: 0.35 m


Monopitch roof
in steel-glass construction, without side glazing, variable lengths, roof covering of corrugated aluminium, polycarbonate, acrylic glass or by arrangement

Gable roof (square, hexagonal, octagonal, ...)
gable roof construction, roof cladding of titanium zinc sheet, side glazing with alternative warning markings (e.g. birds, ...)

Side cladding alternatively sheet metal (aluminium, perforated sheet metal, ...) or laminated panels (e.g. Trespa panels)

Service individual object planning and consultation with customisation to your desired size, complete incl. installation by our company
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