Stadtgeschichten Bertrange

A town centre for everyone

Shared space with community park in Bertrange

As part of the redesign of the town centre in Bertrange, Luxembourg, the landscape architects ernst + partner opted for the concept of ‘shared space’, which originated in the Netherlands. The urban redevelopment of the town centre into a ‘shared space’ aims to better unite the many different uses of the street space and enable it to be used jointly as a traffic and recreational area. The dissolution of classic traffic space elements, such as roads, pavements and kerbs, creates a new form of coexistence and increases the attractiveness of public areas as well as safety through better mutual visibility.

Lively ambience thanks to versatile planters

In order to clarify the different functional areas of the square situation, colour-coordinated concrete paving surfaces in the edge areas were chosen in such a format and their differentiated laying direction that they provide orientation for road users without being too restrictive. Vertical elements such as trees, lights and planters are intended to guide drivers and in some cases separate them from pedestrians. The ‘Bari’ planter from Thieme was chosen to provide stylish support for structuring the traffic routes and as an effective barrier to protect against vehicles. With its classic, functional aesthetics, the durable planter made of colour-coated stainless steel integrates perfectly into the space. With its diverse planting options, the planter with its rectangular, square and round design creates a lively and natural ambience.

Seamless transition from urban square to green centre

The freely positionable ‘Bari’ brilliantly creates the transition from the urban square to the green centre of the town, the adjacent ‘Parc im Duerf’, without any structural changes. Following its redesign by the landscape architects, the extensive green space offers a variety of opportunities for encounters and leisure activities for all generations. Selected furnishing elements such as lights and benches in the same colour and matching planters from Thieme offer a harmonious overall picture and support the ‘flowing together’ of the community park, traffic area and church surroundings. A square above the park in front of Bertrange's town hall offers an attractive space for catering with a range of spacious outdoor terraces, which, also surrounded by Thieme's ‘Bari’ planters, provide a prominent place to linger. 


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