Guardrail with infill Bavaria

Creating an appealing ambience

That certain something makes all the difference - and in the case of the  guardrail with infill system Bavaria, this consists of several factors. Visually, it impresses with a successful design that is characterised by clear aesthetics. The shapely design of the infill looks stylish and noble on closer inspection. Anyone who wanders with their gaze over a square or a section of street equipped with the guardrail with infill Bavaria will be impressed by the appearance of the overall ensemble, perhaps without consciously noticing the elaborately designed railing.

As a component of a system of street furniture and outdoor furniture, the Bayern model can be perfectly integrated as a railing into a homogeneously designed urban appearance. Matching accessories such as doors and gates, barrier posts or end pieces ensure versatile and perfect usability that does not require any design compromises. The railing can be coloured according to the customer's wishes using the RAL and DB colour systems.

In terms of design and visual integration, the Bavaria infill railing is therefore a first choice that looks just as good in a rural or historic setting as it does in a more modern urban environment. Completely independent of the design, a railing must guarantee the desired safety for passers-by. The stability and robustness of the Bayern model leaves no doubt that this is a consistently implemented safeguard. The filler bars, for example, also provide children with special protection against finding themselves unsupervised on the other side of the railing. This makes this type of railing particularly suitable for use on watercourses such as boardwalks or canals, lakes and ponds, as well as on bridges, other overpasses and stairs.

The requirements for a boundary and protective function are thus perfectly fulfilled - as are all demands for a decorative urban appearance. Public areas with such an inviting appearance are always a point of attraction for residents and visitors alike and give the feeling of an environment to feel good in. This is how the thoughts of the planners of the open space design on site and our designers at Thieme GmbH are conveyed.

In any case, it is worth involving Thieme GmbH in the planning process at an early stage and thus benefiting from their special experience and expertise - whether in the selection of optimally suited components, the execution of details or in keeping within the budget.